Every Little

Bad Idea

Caitie McKay

The women in Skyler Wise's family have a weakness for bad boys. But not Skyler. She has one thing on her mind—leaving her run-down neighborhood and going to college. But when Skyler’s normally strict mom starts dating again, she feels abandoned. Skyler meets Cole, a boy who makes her question everything she thought she knew about herself and her future. Even though he has a dangerous reputation, Skyler believes she knows the real Cole, the sweet, caring boyfriend who makes her feel seen for once in her life. When Cole starts to change, Skyler realizes that she’ll do anything to keep him around—even if it means giving up her dream and losing the people closest to her.

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Caitie McKay is a writer and children's book editor from Buffalo, NY. She graduated with a degree in creative writing from Canisius College, where she was awarded the  G.E. Murray Award for Excellence in Creative Writing. She's written and edited more than 500 educational books for children. She loves libraries, cats, and tea. This is her first novel. 


Every Little Bad Idea


"I loved this book. Skyler's story immediately comes across as lived in and true. Packing a ton of feeling into a short book, Caitie makes great use of the spare poems, conveying with great feeling the rush of falling in love, so that the reader feels as if they're falling too." 

Kate Karyus Quinn, author of Another Little Piece, Down with the Shine, and (Don't You) Forget About Me.

"This beautifully written and wise-beyond-its-years book aches with yearning—for a raven-haired boy, for that feeling of not being tied to anything. It’s full of secrets and surprises and dangerous fun. It’s about how to be good and how to be yourself. Every Little Bad Idea is a sweet and haunting melody plucked from the strings of a beaten-up and much-loved guitar, and Skyler Wise is your new best friend."

Mick Cochrane, author of The Girl Who Threw Butterflies and Fitz